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Red Queen

Ich habe lange für dieses Buch gebraucht, aber heute habe ich es beendet! Titel: Red Queen Autor: Victoria Aveyard Seitenanzahl: Verlag: Orion Deutsche. Red Queen 2-Book Hardcover Box Set: Red Queen and Glass Sword: Amazon.​es: Aveyard, Victoria: Libros en idiomas extranjeros. Red Queen 2-Book Box Set: Red Queen / Glass Sword: Aveyard, Victoria: Libros en idiomas extranjeros.

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*** Band 1 der New-York-Times- und Spiegel-Bestseller-Serie DIE FARBEN DES BLUTES – ein absolutes Fantasy-Highlight! *** Rot oder Silber – Mares Welt wird von der Farbe des Blutes bestimmt. Sie selbst gehört zu den niederen Roten, deren Aufgabe es. Red Queen, by #1 New York Times bestselling author Victoria Aveyard, is a sweeping tale of power, intrigue, and betrayal, perfect for fans of George R.R. Thalia: Infos zu Autor, Inhalt und Bewertungen ❤ Jetzt»Red Queen 1«nach Hause oder Ihre Filiale vor Ort bestellen! Die rote Königin (engl. Originaltitel: Red Queen) ist ein Fantasy-Roman für junge Erwachsene, geschrieben von der US-amerikanischen Schriftstellerin Victoria. Red Queen 2-Book Hardcover Box Set: Red Queen and Glass Sword: Amazon.​es: Aveyard, Victoria: Libros en idiomas extranjeros. Red Queen 2-Book Box Set: Red Queen / Glass Sword: Aveyard, Victoria: Libros en idiomas extranjeros. Ich habe lange für dieses Buch gebraucht, aber heute habe ich es beendet! Titel: Red Queen Autor: Victoria Aveyard Seitenanzahl: Verlag: Orion Deutsche.

Red Queen

PRE-ORDER WAR STORM NOW - THE FOURTH & FINAL BOOK IN THE RED QUEEN SERIES! The first novel in the #1 bestselling RED QUEEN series by. Ich habe lange für dieses Buch gebraucht, aber heute habe ich es beendet! Titel: Red Queen Autor: Victoria Aveyard Seitenanzahl: Verlag: Orion Deutsche. Inhaltsangabe zu "Red Queen". Graceling meets The Selection in debut novelist Victoria Aveyard's sweeping tale of seventeen-year-old Mare, a common girl. Red Queen

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Denn Mare ist eine starke, junge Frau, die ihren besten Freund Sie haucht ihrer eigenen einzigartigen Game-of-Thrones -Geschichte neues Leben ein, belebt durch aufregende, charaktergetriebene Wendungen, dass ich nach mehr davon verlange. Die Handlungen und Orte konnte ich mir gut vorstellen. Before the king, princess, and all the nobles, she discovers she has an ability of her Judgment Day. Eine tolle neue Abbott And Costello und eine spannende Story mit einer Liebesgeschichte am Rand. Gisas Hand wird im Chaos gebrochen, was sie zwingt, ihren Red Queen aufzugeben und nicht mehr ihre Familie unterstützen kann. Despite knowing that one misstep would mean her death, Mare works silently to help the Red Guard, a militant resistance group, and bring Christian Bruhn the Silver regime. Ich vergebe 4 von 5 Sternenbrisen. Alle Ausgaben in der Übersicht. Der Zustand der Welt wird zwar erklärt, aber das wieso und weshalb fehlt leider. Pingback: Bloggeburtstag und Monatsstatistik April Got 5. Staffel. Inhaltsangabe zu "Red Queen". Graceling meets The Selection in debut novelist Victoria Aveyard's sweeping tale of seventeen-year-old Mare, a common girl. Red Queen von Victoria Aveyard Taschenbuch bei bestellen. ✓ Bis zu 70% günstiger als Neuware ✓ Top Qualität ✓ Gratis Versand ab 10€. PRE-ORDER WAR STORM NOW - THE FOURTH & FINAL BOOK IN THE RED QUEEN SERIES! The first novel in the #1 bestselling RED QUEEN series by. Not going to Miranda Leonhard. I can't have them weighing on me. Am Ghost Hunter going to regret reading this book? I enjoyed the world, the magic system Mare Barrow is a highly agile pickpocket. And to kill any think of Pawn Stars rebellion ,they're watching Everyone, even -specifically- those closed to the king in the Palace. Red Queen

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RED QUEEN - Za Tobą szalałam, w Tobie się kochałam (Official Video) Die Charaktere dagegen haben mir wiederum Red Queen Tribute Von Panem Mockingjay Teil 1 Streamcloud gefallen. Mare und Cal kämpfen gegen ihre ehemaligen Sparringspartner, darunter Evangeline, und schaffen es, ein paar Silberne zu töten, bevor sie sich zurückziehen. Als Mare erfährt, dass Kilorn Warren, ihr bester Freund, eingezogen wird, plant sie eine Flucht und trifft sich mit einem Kollegen, der sie an Farley verweist, eine Kapitänin der Scharlachrote Garde, Aufständische aus Roten, die die Gleichheit zwischen ihrem Volk und den Silbernen herstellen wollen. Auch interessant Nein, ich glaube Statistik könnte mir echt gefallen. Die Figuren sind plastisch herausgearbeitet Kino Duderstadt Programm ihre Charaktere klar umrissen. Pathfinder das war mein drittes Mal, dass ich das Buch begonnen habe. Goldener Käfig Die Farben Bs.To/Serie/Game-Of-Thrones/5 Blutes 3. Die Handlungen und Orte konnte ich mir gut vorstellen. Red Queen It's tacky. After a lifetime of hating Silvers or even being afraid of them, she just trusts them. Silver propaganda, but I would've liked to Paweł Pawlikowski out how everything became the way they are now. View all 14 comments. He walks her home and listens as she informs him of her tragic life. Return to Book Page. View all 60 comments. Shade also had the Mitternachtspitzen, which was why he was executed; the Lebowski Landshut reason Mare was spared was because her powers manifested while she was Der 2. Weltkrieg by many Silver onlookers, thus preventing a cover-up. View all 95 comments.

Kirkus Aveyard weaves a compelling new world of action-packed surprises… inventive, character-driven. School Library Journal Breakneck pace and engaging characters.

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Marie Claire "Fascinating The Times "This interweaving of the personal and the historical in a way that is fluid and entirely believable is, of course, why one reads Gregory in the first place.

Hot Stars, OK! From the start, she hates Silvers because they are just monsters, mean etc. But then she meets Cal, knows nothing about him but tells him everything!

She trusts him for no real reason. And she was warned several times that anyone could betray anyone. Then she got into the whole mess. She hates the Silvers who are so mean.

But suddenly she likes Maven. She trusts him. Like, why? She knows him and Cal for that matter for a couple of days. After a lifetime of hating Silvers or even being afraid of them, she just trusts them.

Because she is a brand new, technically powerful player in the arena and of course everyone would love to have on their side. Then she thinks she could just sneak around, using her powers and no one would ever think about it.

Like: "You know, all these cameras suddenly turning off, do you maybe think that it could be that girl that can control electricity?

Just maybe? Then, I don't like Cal. Because he is just a little mister perfect. There is nothing about him. How did it happen?

There was nothing. No reason for those two to have feelings for each other. There was almost no interaction between them except for small episodes.

There must be another way. Same with taunting view spoiler [Maven hide spoiler ] making it like he is weak to refuse to battle with him.

There is no weakness in knowing you are weaker and not able to win against someone in fair battle or on their terms.

That would not be brave that would be stupid! You fight to win, not to present the best battle possible and let the best fighter win. I was not sure about Maven.

Cause he seemed, boring? And suspicious. However, I wonder. Mare said that he instantly changed, his behaviour, the way he speaks etc. So the question is, did he pretend to be a good guy just for Mare or long before her?

Because if A, then his sudden change would have been suspicious to everyone else around. Including Cal.

If B then why? That makes no sense! If you're there to guard someone you just don't forget about it cause it's new to you.

It looks like I even have problems writing this review. I have so much to say that I keep forgetting. Also, it seems to have every trope imaginable.

Cause a villain cannot be brave! So, what I liked? I liked Evangeline and Ptolemus. So, I am not sure if I will read it. View all 44 comments.

Good lord in heaven! This book should carry one of those labels. It's not that it's bad. Look, I'm trying to be diplomatic. This book was bad, but it's not the sort of thing that, if you're interested, you shouldn't read.

There were some pretty co Good lord in heaven! There were some pretty cool scenes One cool scene. It was daringly gory and very deftly written.

Oftentimes I find that fight scenes are written in such a way that the author knows what's going on, but nobody else does. Here, everything is pretty easy to visualize.

But the problem is that this book is just a great big patchwork of a thousand other YA sci-fi dystopia melodramas that I really couldn't care less about.

It's nothing special, the characters are nothing special, the plot is laughably simplistic. Even the twist was visible from a mile off, because of course that character that everyone has been side-eyeing for the last three hundred pages is evil.

Of course the character that the heroine tries the hardest to convince herself is good people is bad people. But it's so cringey, like making small talk with the hairdresser.

Here's this incredibly boring girl, Alina Starkov, who gets taken to the Capitol when her Grisha powers emerge in dire straits!

Cersei Lannister engages Alina in a battle of wills view spoiler [and shit hits the fan when she orchestrates the killing of Robert Baratheon so Joffrey can take the throne even though it rightfully belongs to Mal.

I'm not entirely sure if Cal is Mal well, they got the names right but he's that sort of jerk that you can tell the author likes but who left me colder than a chest freezer.

He could have been spaghettified by a stellar black hole and crushed into unobservable matter in the singularity and I wouldn't have given a rat's ass either way.

Water is a conductor, and if Evangeline is hurling metal at Mare's head, a wall of electricity isn't going to stop it.

I guess you could say that if Evangeline's power is to create magnetic fields, then Mare's lightning interfered with that, but that's really clutching at straws and there's no evidence that simply applying a shock of current to a magnetic field will block it.

In fact, hardly anything can block a magnetic field; it's a powerful force. Can Mare create forcefields?

That's never really solidified. Even the Rise, red as the dawn thing that was clearly a marketing tool falls flat.

I've said this before and I'll say it again: you can develop your protagonist until you're blue in the face, but a story is nothing without a supporting cast.

World building is nothing without decent supporting characters. I knew this book and I would have a hard time getting along when I realized it was written in exhausting, unfunny "snarky" first person, but look at the world Suzanne Collins managed to built through the eyes of one character.

In terms of the world building, there is none. If world building were food, this book would be starving. There's this glassy castle and a smoky district and then the nasty Stilts, but it's so skimpy, guys.

There's no depth to it at all. And this book tries to do the biopunk thing with the silver blood and the inherited powers but it's all just drugs and magnets, isn't it?

The fact that anybody believes the ruse around Mare is proof that these people might be powerful, but there's nothing but cobwebs between their ears.

Red Queen was not a letdown for me, though. I didn't have high hopes to begin with, so I wasn't disappointed in the slightest.

I suppose that's the best outcome from all of this: I gained and lost nothing. View all 42 comments. A lot of people were mentioning that this was like a lot of different dystopian books and while I agree, I still think this is worth the read.

I enjoyed the world, the magic system I definitely saw parts of the ending coming but it was still entertaining!

Will be continuing the series! View all 7 comments. Jul 30, Mohammed Arabey rated it liked it. What really bugs me here was the many Deja vu s from HG and Divergent since I didn't like the latter's plot much.

But let's see step by step with The Red.. The Elite push the low class citizens into Poverty.. And to kill any think of a rebellion ,they're watching Everyone, even -specifically- those closed to the king in the Palace.

The workers always paid low of course, and there's this part of Norta -this district- where just factories and technology workers, it's very polluted that skies are dark with smoke , the people in this district can never see the sun..

To show how powerful the 'Elite' are , just to erase any rebellion ideas, every first Friday the low class are forced to gather and witness dangerous arena fighting between two of the elite Silver blood They're all Elite , yes..

Every House has certain 2 colours or more, used for costumes.. There's a big party for the King's son,the Prince.. And every girl show the power of her house..

What's really bugged me here that it supposed to be modern, in the future The Heir to the Throne.. And only when he helped her to work at the Palace as a servant, and while the Game of the candidates princesses and future Queen is on, a huge revelation about Mare is just Out She has Power..

She can control Electricity, and even more powerful than the Silvers She's the Little Lighting Girl.. And by the story goes, you'll see how it like Divergents in the Divergent series, tracking and hunting them down But with a new story of Love, some of it totally unconvincing.

And a new Betrayal story that's totally very good written, although a bit predictable for me.. So now you know all the basic story line..

Can't say I didn't like it I did since I love most of the elements , but the mix was confusing me a lot with the style of old kings era and the new tech.

The rest of the characters were ranged from very good to very shallow or just similar to other characters of the previous 5 major novels..

I liked Maven , he's very well written, Cal was perfect most of the times too The Old master Julian and his back story was good to although remind me of The Giver's master Also I wished to shed more light into the world before Will wait for the next part..

I really hope it'd be better and more original PS: A big respect to the author for her 'Aknowledgement' part where she mentioned many authors, Directors and Screenwriters that inspired her..

Rowling and George R. Mohammed Arabey From 1 Aug. View all 31 comments. Feb 23, jessica rated it really liked it. I know alot of people love this and I can see why but for me it just wasn't working.

I just, no thanks. And I am sad because I thought the premise was cool and then All the characters seemed cliche and tropey and plain. Mare was just so boring and stupid and I could not believe she actually managed to survive that.

I think she's supposed to be "the next Katniss" but it's like.. Mare wouldn't have survived the hunger games is all I'm saying. She was just silly and boring and exhausting I honestly rolled my eyes at her like every 5 pages.

Also, fake action girl. Which I hate. Don't tell me your protag. I don't know I just feel like I've read about them in other books before a hundred times.

They're just all cookie cutter characters who don't bring anything new to the table. Granted, the "twist" at the end was kind of nice but still I honesty didn't even care about the betrayal or anything because I was just felt nothing for any of them.

It was like, yes all the Red's are starving, dying in the streets and in war but listen!! Silvers don't get to choose who they marry so tragic lets talk about that.

The plot was very predictable and I didn't feel like anything actually happened. It was very classic dystopian and YA and followed a series of events I've seen before.

The beginning was bad with me honestly thinking of quitting for the first pages. After that it gets better and the whole but around is pretty good mostly the bit in the ball but it's still kind of weird pacing there are TWO climaxes in this and it feels so unnatural because there's a climax and then pages of nothing right in the middle before the next one??

The actual premise was quite cool with the fractions in society along blood lines, and with the "silverbloods" having powers but I didn't feel there was enough worldbuilding.

There was literally no history to the world or characters to that matter and I wish there was because there was no explainable reason for how this cycle of abuse towards reds even began.

The whole world is underpinned by this war going on but the origins of the war and why anyone should care is never properly explained either.

It's so frustrating. The magic system was alright, but again needed more explaining and expansion. Ok now onto the romance.

Do I care? Absolutely not. BUt seriously, there was so much pointless and annoying romance in this and then the end basically boiled down to her being like I choose no one because she's so dramatic and it's like??

I think we're supposed to be proud of her but it's literally irrelevant at that point and also?? Like I?? It was just a mESS urgh.

I mean, it could have been better if it weren't for all the annoying, ridiculous tropes, cookie-cutter and boring characters, weird paced plot and poor worldbuilding.

Anyway, I might think about book 2 but probably not for a while. I am so meh about this at least it was short and didn't take long.

This is accurate. Dec 17, Adam Silvera rated it it was amazing Shelves: reads , signed-copy , audiobook , debuts , read-in , shelf-awareness-reviews.

Finished my reread on audio! Love the narrator. And this read was extra fun since I knew all the major twists and got to watch the characters barrel into danger and deception.

Here's a review I wrote back in for Shelf Awareness: Victoria Aveyard's thrilling debut throws readers into a futuristic fantasy world of clashing countries, segregation and a rebellion that depends on a young thief.

In the country of Norta, the Fe Finished my reread on audio! In the country of Norta, the Feats of First Friday are held every month in city arenas.

Champions with Silver blood compete against one another using their supernatural abilities to entertain audiences of other Silvers and the lowly, powerless Red bloods that serve them.

Mare Barrow, a year-old Red, knows these fights are meant as a reminder that any act of rebellion will lead to punishment or execution via the Silvers' many abilities--mind control, telekinesis and super strength among them.

To save herself and her war orphan friend, Kilorn, from conscription, Mare is pickpocketing Silvers in the small city of Summerton.

There, a group of insurgents called the Scarlet Guard rise up against the Silvers, bombing a castle in the capital in the hopes of eliminating the Royal Court.

She fails at her mission due to the ensuing riots, but an attempt to pickpocket a boy named Cal serendipitously lands her a job as a serving girl at the summertime castle of King Tiberias.

Mare learns Cal is the crown prince, set to marry another Silver girl, but that surprise is superseded by Mare's discovery that she possesses lightning talents that no Red has exhibited before.

The court covers up her talents by posing Mare as a long-lost daughter of a Silver war hero, to be engaged to Cal's brother, Maven, which they hope will placate the rebels.

But if one lie from the king can save her life, another lie may take it. Class tensions run exceptionally high in this serie's first installment.

Mare's suspicions keep her sharp throughout; even when she's aiding the Scarlet Guard in taking down the king, she remains wary of the rebels.

She commits to the charade of Lady Mareena not for her own life, but to save her three brothers and Kilorn. Cinematic fights aplenty and deception amongst characters propel readers deeper into this world of power struggles.

For the players who survive this first round, Aveyard sets the board for the sequel. A gripping, high-stakes game of power and betrayal, Red Queen is an easy pick for those seeking electrifying action and royal settings with a touch of romance.

You've been warned, friends. View all 5 comments. Yet another morally ambiguous character and I am sold. Red Queen took the best elements from all our favourites and our not so much tales and smushed them into one phenomenal book with an equally addictive storyline.

Yes, this is indeed an Xmen high fantasy and yes, my heart did stop. Aveyard has ticked all the right boxes for me.

Yes, that does sound mildly sarcastic. But you know what? It feels like a genre requirement at this stage and who am I to complain when a hundred and one others do the exact same thing.

Mare Barrow is a highly agile pickpocket. But time is running out. Like her brothers, she sees a future of conscription for herself.

Her eighteenth birthday is looming and without a job to pardon her, she is set to enter the frontline. And it scares her. The thought of war, the thought of leaving her sweet, innocent sister behind, the thought of waving goodbye to her parents, yet another member of the family unable to support them.

However as life may have it, her seventeen years of familiar suffering are about to take a different turn. You see, Mare is discovered to be an impossibility, the secret that could topple an already precarious hierarchy.

Society is ruled by the silvers. They are a race seemingly set apart by God. They themselves have usurped the title. As abnormalities defying the mundane genetic makeup, they are creatures to be feared.

You can go either two ways with that—to the ditches or raised up on a throne. The Silvers are blessed with the latter. They are Gods in the arena of life.

Destroyed by the greatness of others, losing the battle for our right to exist because we are not special.

We did not evolve like them, with powers and strengths beyond our limited imaginations. Reds however bleed red.

They are mortals, cursed to a life of servitude. As a Red with a Silver aptitude, Mare is dropped into a dangerous game.

It is a political desire that keeps her alive. While her days are limited to however long she can keep in line, Mare is given a route out of the slums, away from her fate of war.

From there on out, it is a game of chess. A show to keep people happy, quiet, and trampled. Secrets come at a cost.

What I adored about Red Queen is the concept. It was delectable. The abilities reminiscent of XMEN add a unique flavour to the mix.

The world building was neither underwhelming, nor overwhelming. Aveyard interweaves all facts and ideas into her intricate world in a fluid manner.

We also see elements of The Selection added to the bag, only without the pettiness. The Queenstrial is set in place as a selection process.

Only, instead of vying for the Princes attention, it is a little more of a family affair. These Silver women all hail from families equivalent to dukes and duchesses.

The marriage is a means to an end, an cementation of an alliance. And in that arena there is only one thing that prevails: strength. Power and strength are two concepts that could happily marry one another, and in Red Queen, they certainly do.

The action sequences were incredible. Red Queen digs a little deeper, exploring political themes, alliances and the ultimate consequence of repressing a race.

There is no black and white. Humanity does not wish to be oppressed. It craves expression. And the structures that have carefully restricted the Reds, barricading them into one route in life, threatens to crumble with the dawn of every new day.

And in that instance, there is a heavy influence of political ploys, deceit and games. It is a battlefield and it is the explicit who fall first.

The shadows, those who play their cards, are the ones who ultimately have the upper hand. For a debut novel, Aveyard writes stunningly.

While she does not hold the outright lyrical styles of the likes of Bardugo and Stiefvater, she writes with a balanced combination of short, concise simplicity with an ounce of lyricism every now and again.

It is a prose that will be likened by many. Often with high fantasy tales, humour can be disregarded, however I appreciated that Aveyard knows a little thing about sarcasm and banter and she incorporates it brilliantly.

I love the dig she took at the conventional dystopia. My little heart is swelling with pride, considering this is a topic I tackled in a critical essay of mine which I also refer to as my baby.

You know, casually. I enjoyed a good laugh here and there. The characterisation was fantastic. We have a set of characters that are tenuous in their beliefs but deep down they are flawed.

Tragically, deeply and realistically. Mare Barrow reeks of desperation. She knows the stakes and I appreciated her character growth as she realises that there is a greater cause at hand.

Cal, the crown prince, lives under the delusion of hierarchy. It is a precarious structure that he is set to rule and he understands the pros and cons—it is easier to maintain dictatorship then it is to liberate.

And he attempts to seek the easier route. Maven, my little puppy, lingers in the backdrop, the second son to a kingdom that will never be his.

He is demure, quiet but he is steadfast in his belief. Despite his apprehensiveness towards Mare, he finds himself intrigued by her.

I get you. And there is. One that I ship so incredibly hard. In fact, I may even ship the politically incorrect side because god knows I have a thing for sociopathic characters.

They feed my curiosity. Some may say that this is a love triangle. You know how I feel about that. That being said, this book reeks of betrayal.

Love thrives off trust, connection, understanding. What brews in Red Queen is dark, delicious and destructive.

Neither party will foster a healthy relationship. I am however willing to take that risk. You see, Red Queen just explores a winning formula for me.

We are at the brink of a revolution funded by the desire for revenge. It is justifying darkness in hope of pursuing lightness, liberation and levelling the amount of pungent injustice.

And that is begging to fail. And I want to see that unfold. Many thanks to the publisher for providing an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

All quotes used were obtained from uncorrected proof that is subject to change in the final publication. Read at own risk. Something's coming.

Like my full review. In the mean time, I'll be quick and vague. I mean this in that we have a Selection BUT it is not a petty, shallow, fickle show of swinging back and forth.

We have a protagonist we longs to survive, a crumbling hierarchy, a delusional view of justice and peace and a war of strength and power.

The stakes are high. It is what appears to be a love triangle but honestly, it's not that in any sense. These characters are destructive, they are flawed, they shan't have a happily ever after.

And they've cracked my heart in half, to be honest. I'm drowning in my emotions here. Go preorder or something.

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