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Was Hereditary und Midsommar eint, ist Asters Fokus auf Verlust, Trauer und eine weibliche Protagonistin. Im Mittelpunkt steht Dani (eine Offenbarung: Florence. Grüne Wiesen, Menschen in heller Tracht und eine mysteriöse Sekte: Ari Asters meisterhafter Horrorfilm "Midsommar" läuft jetzt im Kino an. Midsommar [dt./OV]. ()IMDb 7,12 Std. 27 MinX-Ray Gemeinsam mit ihrem Freund und seiner Clique begibt Dani sich auf ein Mittsommerfestival in​.

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Christian und Dani erleben in Schweden einen Alptraum als sie zu einem traditionellen Fest gehen. Sie besuchen einen alten Freund, der sie zum Midsommar einlädt. Doch das Paar wünschte sich, es hätte die Einladung nicht angenommen. Midsommar ist ein US-amerikanisch-schwedisches Mystery-Horror-Drama von Ari Aster, das am 3. Juli in die US-amerikanischen Kinos und am Midsommar ist in Schweden nach Weihnachten das zweitgrößte Fest des Jahres und die meisten Schweden feiern es mit Verwandten, Freunden und Nachbarn. Midsommar [dt./OV]. ()IMDb 7,12 Std. 27 MinX-Ray Gemeinsam mit ihrem Freund und seiner Clique begibt Dani sich auf ein Mittsommerfestival in​. Grüne Wiesen, Menschen in heller Tracht und eine mysteriöse Sekte: Ari Asters meisterhafter Horrorfilm "Midsommar" läuft jetzt im Kino an. Was Hereditary und Midsommar eint, ist Asters Fokus auf Verlust, Trauer und eine weibliche Protagonistin. Im Mittelpunkt steht Dani (eine Offenbarung: Florence. Im abschließenden Ritual zum Midsommar-Fest, soll ein Haus mit neun menschlichen Opfergaben verbrannt werden. Dani wählt als neuntes.


Midsommar ist in Schweden nach Weihnachten das zweitgrößte Fest des Jahres und die meisten Schweden feiern es mit Verwandten, Freunden und Nachbarn. Entdecke die Filmstarts Kritik zu "Midsommar" von Ari Aster: Wenn man in 50 oder Jahren auf die Geschichte des Horrorkinos zurückschaut, dann wird die​. Midsommar [dt./OV]. ()IMDb 7,12 Std. 27 MinX-Ray Gemeinsam mit ihrem Freund und seiner Clique begibt Dani sich auf ein Mittsommerfestival in​. Midsommar

Budget -. Format production -. Couleur Couleur. Format audio -. Format de projection -. En VOD. Midsommar Blu-ray Blu-ray. Midsommar Bande-annonce VO.

Midsommar Bande-annonce VF. Midsommar Teaser VO. Midsommar Teaser VF. Midsommar Teaser 2 VO. Interview, making-of et extrait. Acteurs et actrices.

Florence Pugh. Jack Reynor. Will Poulter. William Jackson Harper. Critiques Spectateurs. Mais passons. Lire plus. Marc T.

Dani les suit. Jorik V. Il fait Across the country the traditional midsummer bonfire is also built, and following an ancient pagan tradition, revelers try to jump over the bonfire, this in order to gain protection during the rest of the year.

John's day, but most festivities were changed to Saint Peter's Day in the s, as the day was declared a municipal holiday. Women are dressed as tricana women dressed in a traditional costume with a sensual walking style.

Each neighborhood has its own festival and colors for identification. In the 21st century, younger population although participating strongly in this festival, now use contemporary ways to celebrate it, such as the very popular Saint Peter raves in the waterfront.

She is dressed as a bride , with wheat wreath, while the other girls, dressed in white wear a veil with bedstraw flowers.

Midsummer fairs are held in many Romanian villages and cities. There are many superstitions related to this day, particularly those involving marriage or death.

Many rites of this holiday are connected with water, fertility and autopurification. The girls, for example, would float their flower garlands on the water of rivers and tell their fortunes from their movement.

Lads and girls would jump over the flames of bonfires. Nude bathing is likewise practiced. The Yakut people of the Sakha Republic celebrate a solstitial ceremony, Ysyakh , involving tethering a horse to a pole and circle dancing around it.

Betting on Reindeer or horse racing would often take place afterward. The traditions are derived from Tengriism , the ancient sun religion of the region which has since been driven out by the Russian empire , Russian Orthodox Church and finally the Communist Party.

The traditions have since been encouraged. Ivanjdan is celebrated on July 7, according to the Serbian Orthodox Church. Saint John Sveti Jovan is known by the name Igritelj dancer because it is thought the sun is dancing on this day.

Among traditions are that girls watch the sunrise through their wreath , to become red as the sun, towards the evening in the heights, Ivanjske vatre kresovi, bonfire are lit, and dancing and singing takes place.

It is a tradition for people to become godfathers and blood brothers on this day, as John is a symbol of character and rectitude.

John the Baptist. It is common in many areas of the country. In some areas, bonfires are traditionally named tequeos , which means people of the dance.

Parties are organized usually at beaches, where bonfires are lit and a set of firework displays usually take place.

On the Mediterranean coast, especially in Catalonia and Valencia , special foods such as coca de Sant Joan are also served on this occasion.

In Alicante , since , the bonfires of Saint John were developed into elaborate constructions inspired by the Falles , or Fallas, of Valencia.

Midsummer tradition is also especially strong in northern areas of the country, such as Galicia , Asturias , Cantabria and the Basque Country , where one can easily identify the rituals that reveal the pagan beliefs widespread throughout Europe in Neolithic times.

These beliefs pivot on three basic ideas: the importance of medicinal plants, especially in relation to health, youth and beauty; the protective character of fire to ward men off evil spirits and witches and, finally, the purifying, miraculous effects of water.

What follows is a summary of Galician traditions surrounding St. John's festival in relation to these three elements. Greenery placed over houses and barns was supposed to bring good fortune and health to people and livestock; this old tradition of decorating with greens continues, though most people no longer take it seriously.

Other researchers say the term came from German merchants who raised the maypole in June because the Swedish climate made it impossible to find the necessary greens and flowers in May, and continued to call it a maypole.

In earlier times, small spires wrapped in greens were erected; this probably predates the maypole tradition, which is believed by many to have come from the continent in the Middle Ages.

In Sweden Midsummer's day is a Saturday between June 20 and June 26, but as is usual in Sweden the actual celebration is on the eve, i.

Midsummer's Eve is a de facto public holiday in Sweden with offices and many shops closed. Like in Norway and Finland, it is believed that if a girl picks 7 different flowers in silence of the midsummer night and puts them underneath her pillow, she will dream of her future husband.

Another tradition on a Swedish Midsummer is to end it with a skinny dip at night. It's not mandatory to be naked, but many will be completely naked accompanied with an old or new partner after a couple of the famous schnapps.

Up to the present day, the Rus' Midsummer Night or Ivan's Day is known as one of the most expressive Kyiv Rus' folk and pagan holidays. Before the day was named for St John, this was a celebration of a pagan fertility rite involving bathing in water.

Since St John the Baptist's birth is celebrated at this time, some elements of Kupala's pagan origins were seen to be roughly synonymous with Christian meanings, most notably the parallel of Baptism as cleansing from sins, so the holiday in a Christian-modified form has been accepted into the Orthodox Christian calendar.

In modern times, due to increasing secularization, it is possible to find Kupala being celebrated in a manner closer to its pagan roots.

John's Eve, June 23 and St. Peter's Eve June 28 with the lighting of bonfires, feasting, and merrymaking. In late 14th-century England, John Mirk of Lilleshall Abbey , Shropshire , gives the following description: "At first, men and women came to church with candles and other lights and prayed all night long.

In the process of time, however, men left such devotion and used songs and dances and fell into lechery and gluttony turning the good, holy devotion into sin.

Mirk adds that at the time of his writing, " John's fire" Festial Other Midsummer festivities had uneasy relations with the Reformed establishment.

Despite the cancellation of the plays in , the parade continued; in , however, the Lord Mayor ordered that the parades be banned and the costumes destroyed.

The parade was permanently banned in This tradition was revived by the Old Cornwall Society in the early 20th century. Bonfires in Cornwall were once common as part of Golowan , which is now celebrated at Penzance , Cornwall.

This week long festival normally starts on the Friday nearest St John's Day. Golowan lasts several days and culminates in Mazey Day.

In England, Midsummer Day 24 June is traditionally one of the quarter days. Midsummer festivals are celebrated throughout Scotland, notably in the Scottish Borders where Peebles holds its Beltane Week.

The Eve of St. John has special magical significance and was used by Sir Walter Scott as the title, and theme, for a pseudo-ballad poem. He invented a legend in which the lady of Smailholm Tower , near Kelso , keeps vigil by the midnight fires three nights in a row see above and is visited by her lover; but when her husband returns from battle, she learns he slew that lover on the first night, and she has been entertained by a very physical ghost.

Great agricultural fairs used to be held at this time, along with merriment and dancing. A bonfire was also kept this night. With the advent of non-conformist beliefs on the Welsh socio-political culture, this among so many other similar festivals suffered greatly, and its observance finally died out in south-east Wales by the end of the 19th century.

However, since , a folk-dance revival started in Cardiff, and is held now annually on this feast day [58]. Midsummer celebrations held throughout the United States are largely derived from the cultures of immigrants who arrived from various European nations since the 19th century.

With the rise of earth-centered spirituality, many, including Unitarian Universalists, celebrate the summer solstice as a religious holiday.

As the state of Alaska, northernmost state in the nation, straddles the Arctic Circle , midsummer is a time when most of the state is in daylight or civil twilight the entire day.

Tucson has announced its inaugural Earthwalk Solstice celebration, with sister events in San Francisco, Jerusalem, and other communities around the world.

The event features a walk through a giant labyrinth, musicians, healers, ceremony, etc. Since , Santa Barbara has hosted an annual Summer Solstice celebration, typically on the weekend of or the weekend after the actual solstice.

It includes a festival and parade. It includes a parade, decorating and raising a Maypole, dancing and other activities.

The event, featuring maypole-raising, dancing, and presentation of an authentic Viking ship, dates back to Traditionally Pannukakku Finnish Oven Baked Pancake and strawberry shortcake is enjoyed followed by a bonfire or kokko.

Kaleva was founded in by Finnish immigrants. The Festival takes place typically on the 3rd full weekend of June.

The festival embodies the rich cultural heritage that was transplanted to the Astoria, Oregon region by emigrating Scandinavians.

In the Pacific Northwest they found the same bounteous seas and forests as in their native lands and the demand for their skills at managing them.

Sweden Day , a Midsummer celebration which also honors Swedish heritage and history, has been held annually on the sound in Throgs Neck in New York since Swedish Midsummer is also celebrated in other places with large Swedish and Scandinavian populations, such as Rockford , Illinois , Chicago , Minneapolis , Minnesota , and Lindsborg , Kansas.

The Swedish "language village" summer camp Sjölunden , run by Concordia College in Minnesota, also celebrates Midsummer.

The Seattle neighborhood of Fremont puts on a large Summer Solstice Parade and Pageant , which for many years has controversially included painted naked cyclists.

In St. A solstitial celebration is held on Casper Mountain at Crimson Dawn park. Crimson Dawn is known in the area for the great stories of mythical creatures and people that live on Casper Mountain.

The celebration is attended by many people from the community, and from around the country. A large bonfire is held and all are invited to throw a handful of red soil into the fire in hopes that they get their wish granted.

As forms of Neopaganism can be quite different and have very different origins, these representations can vary considerably, despite the shared name.

Some celebrate in a manner as close as possible to how they believe ancient pagans observed the summer solstice, while others observe the holiday with rituals culled from numerous other unrelated sources, the Germanic culture being just one of the sources used.

In Neo-druidism , the term Alban Hefin is used for the summer solstice. The name was invented by the late 18th century Welsh Romantic author and prolific literary forger Iolo Morganwg.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Holiday associated with the summer solstice and feast day of Saint John the Baptist.

For other uses, see Midsummer disambiguation. For the film, see Midsommar film. Further information: Nativity of Saint John the Baptist.

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June Learn how and when to remove this template message. See also: St John's Eve. See also: National Holiday Quebec.

See also: Saint Jonas' Festival. See also: Serbian traditions. Main article: bonfires of Saint John. Play media.

See also: A Midsummer Night's Dream. See also: Wheel of the Year. Christianity portal Saints portal. The Francophones of Saskatchewan: a history.

Campion College, University of Regina. The feast of Saint John the Baptist on June 24 was observed in all of Quebec with religious services, patriotic speeches, parades and floats.

The movement soon spread to Ontario, the New England states, and even to Chicago and the distant state of Oregon.

French Canadians in Saskatchewan also celebrated their patron saint's feast day. In Battleford, they seem to have begun to mark the occasion before It is known definitely that in May a meeting was held to revive the local Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society, inactive since the Batoche uprising.

The festivities on June 24 of that year began with a Mass celebrated at an altar on which stood a statue of Saint John the Baptist with a beaver at his feet and a banner bearing the inscription "Faith — Nation — Unity.

The Institute for Christian Formation. Retrieved 26 March Sacred Narratives. University of Chicago Press. City and Spectacle in Medieval Europe.

University of Minnesota Press. University of North Carolina Press. Like 8 December, the eve of St. John's Day was a highly popular date for nineteenth-century christenings.

According to old midwives, the baptisms of children who had died "pagans" were acted out: "On this day, at nightfall, a candle is lit in the praise of St.

The woman who stands godmother prays the Credo before the candle for little angel and says: 'I baptize you, So-and-So, I baptize you in the name of Almighty God the Father' If [the child] is not baptized, it will cry in its grave every night.

Government of Sweden. Retrieved 25 March In Sweden, they were mainly found in the southern part of the country. Young people also liked to visit holy springs, where they drank the healing water and amused themselves with games and dancing.

Ancient History et cetera. Retrieved Encyclopedia Britannica. Thanksgiving and Other Harvest Festivals. Infobase Publishing. Augustine: Biblical Exegete.

Peter Lang. The cult of John the Baptist began to develop in the first half of the fourth century. Augustine is the first witness to a feast of the birth of John the Baptist, which was celebrated on June This date was reckoned from Luke , according to which the angel Gabriel said to Mary, "And behold, your kinswoman Elizabeth in her old age has also conceived a son; and this is the sixth month with her," and June 24 is precisely three months after March Quest Books.

Christian Beginnings. Our Sunday Visitor. In England, "Saint John's Tide" is combined with a midsummer celebration.

Instead of the date of the summer so stice, they chose June This may be because of the Baptist's own words, "He must increase, must decrease" John John was, of course, referring to Jesus.

John's day comes at the time when the sun is beginning to decrease, and six months later, Christmas, comes at the time when the sun is beginning to increase.

Paulist Press. Oxford University Press. Kemble, The Seasons in England , vol. I, quoted in George C.

Homans , English Villagers of the Thirteenth Century , 2nd ed. Manchester University Press. When springtime comes Once the eve of St John's day arrives, early in the morning all guilds make a display, on outside walls of their workshops, of all their rich things, ornaments and jewels.

As many cloths of gold and silk are displayed as would adorn ten kingdoms, and as many gold and silver jewels, rich hangings, painted panels and marvellous carvings, and things pertaining to feats of arms Then at around the hour of terce, a solemn procession is made by all the clerics, priests, monks and friars With them are many companies of secular men The dangers posed to humans by demons require specific rituals, aimed at identifying witches and putting them to death.

A key element of May Day or St John's rituals is the burning of witches or the repelling and burning-out with fire of evil forces, which might deviously conceal themselves among people, for instance in the form of animals.

Joseph Shackell. Belithus tells us that it was a custom to carry lighted torches on Midsummer-eve, as an emblem of St.

John the Baptist, who was "a burning and shining light," and the preparer of the way of Christ. Bulgarian Folk Customs 1st ed.

Retrieved 7 March The Canadian Encyclopedia. Retrieved 30 November Ivana ". Government of Denmark. Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark.

Retrieved 28 March In recent years, a number of churches have re-established the tradition of holding a service on Saint John's Eve. Archived from the original on Retrieved on Retrieved 16 June Saskatchewan Gen Web.

Teutonic Mythology, Volume 2. V, Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus. Dinheiro Vivo. The Folklore of World Holidays. Retrieved 31 May Swedish Nomad.

Retrieved 10 June Retrieved 21 March Llewellyn Worldwide. The Whole Earth Holiday Book. Good Year Books. Midsummer: Magical Celebrations of the Summer Solstice.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Marks the ancient middle of summer, beginning of Astronomical summer , and the nativity of St.

Festivals, bonfires, feasting, singing, Maypole dancing. Church service , [1] reenactments of the life of Saint John the Baptist, [3] processions , [4] baptisms , [5] and church weddings [6].

June 21, 24, 25 or a date close to the Summer Solstice on June 20— Nativity of St.

Schon zur Mittagszeit beginnen Orange Is The New Black Darsteller Festlichkeiten mit Lagerfeuern und Grillen. Beide Tage sind in Lettland Feiertage. Der Stamm wird mit Blättern und Blumen geschmückt und aufgerichtet, danach wird im Kreis um ihn herumgetanzt, wobei verschiedene Spieltänze üblich sind. Lethal Weapon Stream Fire. Juli in die US-Kinos. Anders Beckman. Pawel Pogorzelski. Doch anders als Dani Midsommar er den Rückhalt in der Gemeinschaft. Einige binden Kränze aus Blumen oder Birkenzweigen und setzen sie sich oder ihren Kindern The Assassin Deutsch. Schon zur Mittagszeit beginnen die Festlichkeiten mit Lagerfeuern und Grillen. Das Johannesfest findet seinen Höhepunkt in den Johannesfeuern, welche vor Sonnenuntergang angezündet und bis zum Sonnenaufgang in Gang gehalten werden. Lucian Johnston. Mitte Oktober wurden die Dreharbeiten beendet. Midsommar dem Abbrennen des Feuers hält oft ein lokal bekannter Politiker oder Künstler eine Echt Vital Opc Ansprache. Supercollider Dani und für uns.

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Midsommar (2019) Ending Scene [4K ULTRA HD] Danis Albtraum beschreibt DeFore als eine kubrickianische Vision, wobei die Office Decke, unter der sie sich zusammenkauert, wie eine Hommage an den Hemingway Eschwege in The Shining erinnere. Dann sollen sie der Legende nach von dem träumen, den sie irgendwann einmal heiraten werden. Mediendatei abspielen. Ich hoffe ich muss Midsommar nie mehr sehen! Sing Street. Leider echt nicht gut. Free Fire.

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Midsommar, Dani dance scene (Full) Entdecke die Filmstarts Kritik zu "Midsommar" von Ari Aster: Wenn man in 50 oder Jahren auf die Geschichte des Horrorkinos zurückschaut, dann wird die​. Jetzt bist du bereit für dein Sommerfest auf schwedische Art - glad midsommar! 1 / 8. Bild auf ganzem Bildschirm anzeigen. Mittsommer in Dalarna Previous.

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Der Brauch ähnelt in vielem dem Weidenhof Maibaumaufstellen. Erst anhand der schweren Kette um Connies Hals in der Schlusseinstellung, erfuhr man, welches Schicksal ihr widerfuhr. Detroit Leave this field blank. Die Ältesten der Gemeinde geben ihm bereitwillig Sixx Serien über diese eigentümliche, heidnische Tradition. Vor dem Abbrennen des Feuers hält oft ein lokal bekannter Politiker oder Künstler eine kurze Ansprache. John has special magical Die Unfassbaren Trailer and was used by Sir Walter Scott as the title, Sixx Serien theme, for a pseudo-ballad poem. Many rites of this holiday are connected with water, fertility and autopurification. Ambitious, impressively crafted, and above all unsettling, Midsommar further proves writer-director Ari Aster is a horror auteur Spanische Filme Online Stream be reckoned with. Big Bad Wolf, however, Sankthansaften The Mechanic German Stream Midsommar regarded as a secular or Coline Serreau pre-Christian event. Bonfires are Spiderman Homecoming Stream Hd Filme in order to repel witches and other evil spirits[22] with the burnings sending the "witch" away to Bloksbjerg, the Brocken mountain Kinox Cars the Harz region of Germany where the great witch gathering was thought to be Mojen on Coco day. Some Danes regard this tradition of burning witches as inappropriate. DramaHorror. Full Cast and Crew. Encyclopedia Britannica. Pelle Nilsson Executive Producer. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Midsummer. Paul Rudd Filme enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Retrieved September 9,

Secrets de tournage 9 anecdotes. Budget -. Format production -. Couleur Couleur. Format audio -. Format de projection -. En VOD. Midsommar Blu-ray Blu-ray.

Midsommar Bande-annonce VO. Midsommar Bande-annonce VF. Midsommar Teaser VO. Midsommar Teaser VF. Midsommar Teaser 2 VO.

Interview, making-of et extrait. Acteurs et actrices. Florence Pugh. Jack Reynor. Just confirm how you got your ticket. Cinemark Coming Soon.

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After a while, an unproductive restlessness sets in as you wait for the characters to matter as much as the silky moves and painstaking details.

Manohla Dargis. Midsommar is a waking nightmare and I mean that in the best possible way. Lindsey Bahr.

I was never, even for one second, feeling the length I found it so unsettling and sinister. At moments it was a little uneven, but it's so watchable and gets under your skin in a really creepy way.

Claudia Puig. Even more than Hereditary, Midsommar lives on the edge where horror meets absurdity, prompting the kind of laughter that comes from not knowing how else to respond.

Jake Wilson. Midsommar mostly takes place in Sweden, but at its core is a particularly American sense of rootlessness. Alison Willmore.

It is also one of the best movies ever made about living with mental illness. Matthew Rozsa. Ends up being more unsettling than Hereditary and is proof that Aster is a potential horror master.

Matthew St. An interesting mixture of scenes that touch on the absurd and the real, the intellectual and the banal in a constant state of terror [Full Review in Spanish].

Gisela Savdie. This is a descent into the seventh circle of a very particular kind of hell -- one designed by a malignant creator playfully twisting the knife.

Tom Beasley. One woman's journey to a remote Swedish village helps reveal to her an existence outside of American patriarchy and toxic men.

A film which splices its incredibly graphic gore and creeping horror with overblown, definitely-allowed-to-laugh sequences. For all of that, it's still an effective horror story.

Keri O'Shea. If this was maybe 40 minutes shorter, it might have worked. As is, everything you think is going to happen happens and it's not worth the wait.

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You may later unsubscribe. Nel frattempo Maja prosegue l'incantesimo, facendo mangiare a Christian dei suoi peli pubici, e facendogli bere a sua insaputa il suo sangue mestruale.

A questo punto, scompaiono anche Mark e Josh: il primo dopo essersi allontanato con una ragazza del posto, il secondo dopo aver tentato di fotografare il Rubirader, il libro sacro.

Le ragazze, dopo aver assunto sostanze allucinogene , devono ballare intorno a un palo ornato con dei fiori fino a quando, per la fatica o per la droga assunta, non cadranno tutte a terra.

La conclusione del rito prevede un pranzo per festeggiarla, al termine del quale la nuova Regina di Maggio esegue la rituale benedizione dei campi e del bestiame.

Dani viene fatta salire su una carrozza e portata nel luogo, in cui da tradizione, viene celebrato il rituale di benedizione. Maja giace nuda su un letto di fiori, circondata da altre donne del villaggio, anch'esse nude e intente a cantare versi propiziatori.

Nel frattempo, Dani fa ritorno al villaggio e nonostante le venga sconsigliato di vedere cosa sta succedendo all'interno del capanno, decide di spiare da un buco della serratura.

A questo punto, viene raggiunto dagli uomini del villaggio, che soffiandogli in faccia una polvere paralizzante gli impediscono qualsiasi tentativo di fuga.

Le riprese del film sono iniziate il 30 luglio e sono terminate nell'ottobre dello stesso anno, tenendosi principalmente a Budapest , in Ungheria.

Nel luglio del , il regista ha annunciato di essere al lavoro su una director's cut del film, contenente circa 30 minuti aggiuntivi rispetto alla versione cinematografica, per un totale di minuti.

Un'altra director's cut, distribuita in blu-ray e in 4K , prevede l'aggiunta di un libretto di sessantadue pagine con gli artwork originale del film firmati Ragnar Persson ed un'introduzione da parte di Martin Scorsese , il tutto dentro ad una sovracopertina in tessuto giallo.

Midsommar - Il villaggio dei dannati ha incassato 27,4 milioni di dollari nel Nord America e 20,6 nel resto del mondo, per un totale complessivo di 47 milioni di dollari.

Il critico David Ehrlich di IndieWire. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Midsommar - Il villaggio dei dannati. URL consultato il 26 luglio URL consultato il 5 marzo URL consultato il 5 agosto

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Vllt die eigenen Schauspieler oder andere bezahlte Personen Der absolute schlimmste Film den ich je in meinem Leben gesehen habe. Es ist einer der berühmtesten Feiertage in Schweden. Midsommar



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